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Discover the international artists and workshops facilitators of the second edition of the Queer Ranch Festival. The line-up is revealed as we go along, more to come!

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We are proud to welcome a selection of internationally renowned electronic music DJ's and eclectic live musicians, for afternoons and nights of unforgettable music.

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DJ Chloé

Since her years at the Pulp, a mythical underground venue and haven of inclusivity even before this word was part of today’s music vocabulary, Chloé has helped define the transformative power of a club and the emotional power of a DJ set. Away from the over-commercialisation of electronic music, she has championed a versatile and out-of-the-box electronic music practice that inspires fans and artists alike. In recent years, she has played at major festivals (Mutek, Burning Man, Sonar, DGTL, Nuits Sonores) as well as holding a residency at Rex Club. Hersets are a unique experience, as Chloé often performs in all night long formats that allow her to take the audience on unexpected journeys. She manages to create unique connections between various musical aesthetics, physical and mental sensations. An oblique way of approaching the dj set without leaving the audience on the sidelines, which has made her reputation with dancers all over the world. The production of tracks that have become iconic has allowed her to further establish her approach.The Dawn (on the Endless Revisions album, Nemone’s favourite record on BBC6) manages to develop a long melody between minimal techno and new wave, tinged with the heritage of Steve Reich. The more frontal Mars500 (Permanent Vacation) and its early house accents bathed in psychedelia or Night Rider (DGTL), an emotional minimal wave played with a techno fever, are other unstoppable tracks that the public could taste on record before appreciating their power on the dancefloor. She has also shone in her remix work for artists as varied as Metronomy, Etienne Daho, Malik Djoudi, Ezechiel Pailhès, Feu Chatterton, Mirwais, to whom she has offered inventive reworks bathed as much in her approach as a producer as in her DJ skills. At the helm of her own label, Lumière Noire Records, capable of performing in clubs as well as festivals, in museums or halls dedicated to contemporary music, Chloé is a key artist on the current scene, where each track she plays contributes to lifting us a little further away from reality and prefabricated schemes.

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Dornika Kazerani is a Tehran born and Berlin based artist, singer/songwriter, rapper and music producer. Also known in the vibrant Berlin queer underground by her drag persona, Many Faced Godx, she is as versatile with her sound as she is with her looks, defying genre as well as gender expectations. Dornika's work is heavily influenced by her activism, confronting subjects of body autonomy, racism and bringing awareness to the female led revolution in Iran, all through memorable hooks and danceable beats.

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Radical Softness

Radical Softness, a name which, at first sight, seems controversial and yet has a very much deeper meaning. Being a somewhat radical person when it comes to vouching for values such as the right of self expression, establishment of safer spaces and FLINTA visibility in the scene. On the other hand being a radical person stands and falls with the softest part of any human – the inner self. Without emotion and passion, there will never be the radicality and drive for change that is needed. Radical Softness stands for change with all their actions, activism, positivity and drive. On the musical side of the coin, Radical Softness immediately evokes a sense of warmth and force at the same time, which again represents the artistic direction of the name itself. Powerful rhythmic patterns go hand in hand with mellow synths – together on a mission to invite dancers to reach the subconscious in an almost therapeutic way. Radical Softness introduces repetition to you as the means to escape daily sorrows, to feel again and gain a few hours of freedom from a seemingly fast-paced and cold outside world. Being a music lover is probably the uniting attribute of all DJs, but where the wheat really gets separated from the chaff is the interest in going deeper than just scraping the surface. Radical Softness’ desire to be a DJ already subconsciously began in 2013 when they started working at a local bar, where they quickly became the one in charge of the music playlists. This marks the beginning of following a path down the rabbit hole into a new universe and into digging through artists entire discographies. Their move to Berlin in 2015 further shaped their vision of music. By that time Radical Softness was already asking people in their circle to show them how to DJ, but never felt welcome enough to actually dive head first into the blue. In 2019 the switch luckily flicked, they stepped behind the decks, quickly gained recognition, especially through them well-received sets on HÖR Berlin and combined their deep music collection with the ability to quickly grasp how DJing works from the core. And yet, what we hear right now is just the beginning of what Radical Softness has to offer.

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Her sets with house and minimal sounds are as highly charged as her collective Barbi(e)turix, who happens to be one of the proudest representative of the Paris electro queer and lesbian scene. Since 2004, she is associated with many scenographers, graphic designers and musicians in order to organize the most inventive evenings of the Parisian underground scene. She also collaborates with international artists such as Peaches, Ellen Allien, Miss Kittin, Red Axes or Chloe. As programmer of the main stage of Paris Gay Pride, Rag has succeeded in gathering nearly 40,000 people every year on the Place de la Republique. She has been programmed in prestigious clubs such asLa Machine du Moulin Rouge, le Rex Club, Le Cabaret Sauvage, Le Trésor, Le Transbordeur and Le Sucre, as she stands out for her bubbling and subversive energy behind turntables. She has also performed in festivals such as Nuits Sonores, Electropicales, Les Femmes s’en Mêlent and in many minimalist clubs.

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Yelli Yelli / Divulging disordered identities fragments, Yelli Yelli’s music is a ride through oriental beats and global world electronic sounds. Her sets are an invitation to dance and transe !

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A project stemming from the deep friendship of New Orleans's Bouffant Bouffant and Berlin's Jacob Meehan, they bring their signature sound and vibe to their respective cities, not only as DJs but as event organizers. Bouffant's "Gimme A Reason" and Meehan's "Buttons" and "WHOLE Festival" are highly regarded queer events that serve up a fun, celebratory atmosphere...these two really know how to cause it!

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Samy Winehouse, who was born at Lambda parties, shared their favorite dance music with lubunyas in queer entertainment venues of Istanbul for years. One of the founding members of Queerwaves, Winehouse enjoys listening to house, techno and disco. Their favorite drink is Margarita.

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Playing in places and collectives that are safe for lubunya+s, coming from the DIY culture where ethical/political, non-normative attitudes are polished, El1fkk wanders between different genres in a neurodiverse dog intuitiveness.

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Nots, who is addicted to party organization and dance, carried their hobby of sending favorite songs to their friends with the DJ workshop they attended in 2019. Nots, the founding member of queerwaves, continues to play at parties with the motto of making themselves dance first and then the audience. They like to play the sounds of italodisco, acid house, discoteca, electronica and indie dance.

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After hundreds of miles of dancefloor at the Batofar and at Concrete under different skills, Audrey Saint-Pé aka Pepiita was the artistic director of A la Folie for 6 years, a lgbtqi+ bar / restaurant / club in Paris. New resident DJ of the @barbieturix collective, and Rosa Bonheur, Pepiita draws on the pleasure of house, italo and other synth club music the generosity of sets alternately warm and cosmic. She is also the co-founder of the Queer Ranch Festival.

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anais de brain

Anaïs is the founder of Brain, the funniest magazine in France (according to her), and now the editor in chief of Urbania, the second funniest magazine in France (still according to her). She is also a writer (La Chose revue pop-porn, Lolchats, Nos commerçants ont du talent), a podcast producer, the organizer of many queer events all over Paris, as well as the co-founder of The Queer Ranch Festival. Her dog is named Jean-Claude.

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Coming from Sydney/Athens/now Eresso.. organising events and djing at bars, clubs, beach parties for over two decades. From Electronica to indie pop, punk or rock, including 80's 90's. Depends which way the wind blows!

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Rachel Potter.jpg

From forest “doofs” outside Sydney to clubs in Manchester, the Netherlands, Vienna and “the alley” at Brighton Pride – the dancefloor is RP’s church. She plays across the genres: breaks to techno to classic house and anywhere in between – indie-fineable dance music driven by bass and united by melody. Patrick Thevenin Patrick Thévenin was supposed to become a pharmacist, but the music he listened to too close to the speakers, the discovery of house and nascent clubbing and his meeting with Jean-François Bizot, the founder of Actuel, decided otherwise and pushed him to become a journalist to tell what he was going through. He enjoys writing about electronic music, LGBTQ+ culture, societal trends and playing heart-warming records. And Patrick Cowley is his superhero!

rachel potter

Workshops & Performances

Come and experience unique and diverse range of activities with our lineup of artists, performers and workshop facilitators.

Please note that many of workshops have limited spaces so you will have to book your spot as soon as possible, to do so you can register here.

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Mila Furie

Queer fighter with high heels, Mila Furie carries her battles with her everywhere she goes, including on the dance floors. As a performer, a stripper, a contemporary artist or a yoga and pole dance teacher, Mila’s grace and determination irradiate all around her. Her entire body work is based on music as her main medium. For the Queer Ranch Festival, she will give a pole dance class, a yoga class AND a performance. Expect fire.

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Prinx Silver

It’s Prinx motherfcking Silver, London’s Spanish hunk, drag king sensation, and full-time gender transcender. Famously known for his political and high-energy acts seasoned with a hint of comedy; and for getting naked on stage (you're welcome!). He has a jawline so sharp that he runs a diamond-cut business on the side… (to pay for the bills!). Prinx Silver is also a community organiser at @friendsjoinersarms (who's opening the 1st community-run accessible queer venue in London); and runs – a new club night centring transmasc people.

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Alexis Langlois

Alexis Langlois' films are queer farces. Films where politics and poetic get mixed up. Behind the laughs, there is always the rage to create a different world. Their shorts explore all kind of genres: musical, revenge movie, horror... But humour, camp and melancoly are always there. Alexis shoots the troupe they built from film to film, their family, their friends, queer actresses and performers. To film these people is obvious to Alexis, because there is a lot of love between them, and it's also a political act to represent on screen the queer crowd that is rarely displayed in movies. Their shorts are selected and awarded in hundreds of festivals in France and abroad, from “Terror Sisters” (FIFIB’s Grand Prize) to “The Demons of Dorothy” (Locarno’s Silver Leopard and Youth Award). Alexis is currently in production for their first feature “Les Drama Queens” with a stellar cast (from Bilal Hassani to Asia Argento, Nana Benamer, Dustin Muchuvitz and Raya Martigny).

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Vegan Cooking Class with AJ
AJ Vegan Class.jpg

AJ has been coming to Skala Eressos for over 20 years, and finally realised her dream of her own plant based food cafe here, Food by AJ/Lettuce Cafe in 2021. With a focus on local, seasonal, organic produce she pours her heart into creating delicious sweet and savoury food that nourish and inspire all those who consume it. Lettuce feed and surprise you!

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Volley Ball Tournament

If you've never played volleyball on Skala Eressos beach before, than you don't know what paradise is. On Sunday, you are all welcome to join the Queer Ranch Festival Big Volleyball Tournament. Yes, you can play hungover as hell if you want. Just drink a lot of water. And promess, Samra, our MC & coach, will take good care of you.

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Self Defense
Self Defense with Laura.jpg

My name is Laura - I started L-FIT 5 years ago when I realised I encountered profound joy in helping women and the LGBTQ+ community to feel confident, develop a healthier lifestyle and mindset and improve their overall physical health and well-being. I recognize that physical training and knowledge of how to improve your well-being has the ability to turn your life around and discover your best self. I use this knowledge to help people with personally tailored fitness plans and support with a special brand of motivational training that speaks to both mind and body. Fully qualified as a Level 3 Personal Trainer & Level 4 Strength & Conditioning Coach with 12 years’ experience in MMA (Kickboxing, Self Defense, Muay Thai & Boxing) My mission is for you to - Be Strong, Confident, Proud

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Handyperson workshop
Construction Workshop 1.jpg

In many ways, the patriarchal society has conditioned us as queer people to believe that working with tools is not for us. That you need to be manly and strong in order to use tools, that it is too complicated and we can’t possibly understand it. In the handy person workshop, we will learn how simple it is to use tools so we can release ourselves from these beliefs that keep us dependent. Hand tools today are manufactured with a strong enough engine, so that you don’t need to be particularly strong in order to use them. It’s as simple as using the dishwasher or the washing machine, and can give you a lifetime of freedom to build or fix whatever you wish.

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Clitorary Literary saloon by BeRn
Cliterary Saloon.jpg

Poet and Songwriter BeRn calls her stuff 'Frock' - an eloquent mix of folk, punk angst, rock 'n' roll, feminism, ire, laughter and irrepressible spirit. She takes to the stage with a fiery presence offering a heady mix of emotion and rebellion. « A real colourful individual with her saucy, unusual, punky, spicy, joyful songs » Bern has recorded 3 albums and a EP, Tales from my Back Pocket, which had a U.S. release in Nashville, Tennessee. She is the founder of the critically acclaimed show Eastrogen Rising: a rebel cabaret, and co-creator/producer of Revolting Women: a rebel cabaret. BeRn wrote the title track 'No Star Lesbian" for Outitude: a feature length documentary film documenting the herstory of Irish Lesbians. The video for BeRn's repeal the 8th song 'Pope' was chosen for the Dublin International short film and music video festival. She's also an award winning champion slam-poet. And has published widely in magazines and periodicals including Poetry Bus Magazine, Flare, Headstuff, Poetry Ireland, All the Worlds Between: An India/ Ireland anthology, Clothes: a chapbook and more... BeRn has opened for Martha Wainwright, Patti Smith and many more.

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Swim to the rock group
Swim to the Rock.jpg

Early summer 2010 Jules Brown, Faye Rickett, Joan Russell and Lizzzy Wood started to meet at Zorba The Buddha Bar in the mornings, swim to the rock and have coffee. The group got bigger and bigger and every day new women came and swam to the rock. We want to continue this wonderful tradition and propose to meet at 11.30am on may 25th. Hungover or not you are welcome to join us in this beautiful, creative and loving community. Note that the length to the rock is 350 meters. Don’t forget to register to our workshop!

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by Glenn

Passionate about the human body and the art of well-being, Glenn Saliba, French-Lebanese osteopath embarked on the Loukoumotiv adventure to share her passion with people. With a dynamic spirit, she’s fully involved in various projects by participating in events at bars, festivals and companies to provide intuitive massages. You want a moment of relaxation? She will be at the festival to take you on a multi sensory journey on the Island of Lesbos!

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Body Awareness

My Body, My Rules: A Playful Workshop on Bodily Autonomy and Sexual Empowerment Bodily autonomy means that every individual has the right to make decisions about their own body, without interference or coercion from others. This implies freedom to take decisions about their own health, reproduction, sexuality, and other personal matters. Bodily autonomy is a fundamental human right, and feminism advocates for the right of women to make decisions about their own bodies, including their reproductive health, sexuality, and overall well-being. Bodily autonomy is also an important issue for lesbians, bisexual, trans and non-binary persons particularly in the context of their sexual orientation and gender identity. As a matter of fact, queer persons face discrimination, harassment, and violence, which can violate their bodily autonomy and their right to make decisions about their own bodies and lives. The goal of this workshop is to share activist strategies as political potentials of love, romance and sex - to explore various approaches to Bodily autonomy and sexuality. Marta Šušak and Mima Simic have been together for nearly 12 years and are the most high-profile Croatian lesbian couple (the competition may not be too fierce, but still!). As individual activists they have taken part in numerous political and crypto-political endeavors – be it founding of the first and so far the only Croatian LGBTQ student initiative, organizing intersectional panels and discussions (Marta); coming out unexpectedly in various media formats, or writing lesbian-oriented fiction and criticism (Mima). As a couple they have made numerous creative activist endeavors in the field of raising lesbian visibility, most markedly in the highly-charged period of the notorious Croatian (homophobic) referendum on marriage – but also within less mainstream formats, such as feminist/queer media and several documentary films. With the rising tide of repatriarchalization and fascist-toned nationalism that has been spreading across Europe, no less notably Croatia, they have decided to move to Berlin and explore new ways of thinking/living activism, particularly sexual politics and politics of sex – as promoted through the noble (yet quite complicated) concept and practice of polyamory. This has created a new set of personal (as political) challenges that will be discussed and shared during the workshop.

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Queer Kitchen by Stefania 

After many years of traveling around Europe working in hospitality In Berlin, Milan, Florence, Oxford, Stefania decided to settle here in Eressos and open her own restaurant / bar - Passioni. Passioni is her passion and is based on quality food in a beautiful peaceful environment.

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Queer Market by Adrian Weiss
Queer Market by Adrian Weiss

Emrah aka @adrianweiss_berlin started his label in 2017 and focusses mostly on club wear, upcycling and one-of-a-kind items. All items are hand made, genderless, seasonless and supposed to make people of any size, age and gender feel comfortable and support them in expressing their identities. The clothing’s style has simple and easy fitting sizes and varies from black mesh to colorful, vibrant patch worked items, shiny fabrics to bold prints and messages. As a part of the LGBTQ+ community Emrah knows about the necessity of all gender-inclusive, size-inclusive clothing. In his interpretation, genderless clothes mean freedom, fun, confidence, and embracing our identities beyond the binary. He will have a queer market for us during the festival!

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Philosophy Café with Reggie
Philosophie Cafe with reggie

We will contemplate the subject of love. True love, does it exist ? Or do you agree with Rouchefoucault who says: "True love is like ghosts, which everyone talks about and few have seen ?" Let’s get lively about the biggest, most important business of our lives : Love.

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Clitorary Literary by Mathilde
Clitorary Literary by Mathilde

After 20 years in London, Mathilde moved to Eressos in December 2021 after her first visit there. Aside from her work as a filmmaker, she is also the creator of a comic called “The Fingering Squad”, and she will do her debut in spoken words for the Ohana festival.

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