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Ohana Collective

The Queer Ranch Festival is powered by 2 French girls and a collective from Lesbos: The Ohana Collective.

Ohana Lesbos is a passionate and committed collective with a focus on creating and nurturing safe spaces for LGBTIQ+ individuals in Lesbos. Our approach is rooted in a blend of queer, political, spiritual, intersectional, and feminist values. We place a strong emphasis on building trust-based relationships with the local community while upholding and respecting Greek culture.

We live as a community, composed of lesbians, trans individuals, and non-binary folks, residing at Ohana Ranch. Here we welcome our community members, creating spaces to learn from one another, to ensure transmission of lesbian and queer history and culture, and offer a much-needed shelter from patriarchal oppressions. 

We also care for farm animals that have often been neglected or mistreated, cultivate vegetables, and establish a secure and nurturing environment where queer folk can connect with one another and with the natural world.

In addition to the Queer Ranch, Ohana Collective Lesbos has made an impact on the community by establishing inclusive queer spaces. Ohana Rooms has grown into a welcoming haven, fostering a sense of community where LBTIQ folk return year after year to connect, exchange ideas, and share their stories in a safe and authentic space. Furthermore, the recent opening of Ohana Saloon, a bar/restaurant, reflects the collective’s dedication to preserving and enhancing the LGBTIQ community and culture in Eressos, contributing to its mission of creating enduring queer-friendly spaces.

Anaïs de Brain

Anaïs is the founder of Brain, what used to be the funniest magazine in France (according to her) (RIP Brain), and now the editor-in-chief of @urbania_fr, the new funniest magazine in France (still according to her). She is also a writer, a podcast producer, the organizer of many queer events all over Paris, sometimes a fake DJ under the name of Cheveux (Hair in english) and the co-founder of The Queer Ranch Festival. Her dog is named Jean-Claude.



Lot of ideas come from Pepiita’s thoughts but music is really her kind of stuff. Resident of Barbi(e)turix and Rosa Bonheur, also co-founder of the Queer Ranch Festival in Lesbos, she preaches freedom and inclusive on the dancefloor.
Hope you’re ready, she has this unstoppable sense of fun which hits her dark disco sets flirting with acid house and rave taking you through miles of dancefloor and she has the happiest smile behind the decks.

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