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The Ohana Collective Manifesto

The Queer Ranch Festival is powered by 2 French girls and a trio from Lesbos: The Ohana Collective.

Ohana is a Queer, political, spiritual and feminist collective working passionately to create and maintain LGBTQ+ spaces in Lesbos whilst continuing to build relationships of trust with local residents and respecting Greek culture.

Ohana means family in Hawaiian, it's beyond blood we don't always get to choose our family. It's our Queer family. It's the people you live for, laugh with and love the most! This is how we live as a close knit family supporting each other through good and bad times.

Come stay in Ohana's Rooms, the only Women, Trans/Non Binary people accommodation in Skala Eressos. Eat and drink in our LGBTQ+ bar Ohana Saloon or spend the day with us and all our rescued animals on the Queer Ranch.

We stand for no sexism, no racism, no fascism, no transphobia, no misogyny, no homophobia, no lesbophobia. 

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