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Practical informations

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Join us for the third edition of the Queer Ranch Festival and enjoy 5 days of internationally renowned electronic music DJs, eclectic live music, cinema, wild swimming, stimulating workshops, beach parties, ranch life and much more, in the amazing village of Skala Eressos, the birthplace of the poetess Sappho.

How to get there?

Take a first plane to Athens then take a second plane or a boat to Mytilene (Direct flights from London on Thursdays) then a bus or a taxi or rent a car to Skala Eressos:
  • Taxi (you can split with up to four people) : please contact Joanna to book a taxi Price 90 euros each way.

If you travel alone and want to share a cab to split the cost, you can do a post in this facebook group, mentioning the day and time of your flight.

  • Of course you can also decide to take a bus, much cheaper, you will find the schedule right here - please be aware the bus station is a taxi drive away form the airport (around 10-15 euro).

  • Or you can also rent a car at the airport. We have a special Queer Ranch festival deal starting from 18 euro a day (minimum 5 days) -  meaning you can rent a car from 126 euro for the whole week. Get in touch with us for more info.


  • Or alternatively, if you cannot drive we will have minivans at the airport to drive festival go-ers at 30 euro each way. If you’re interested please pre-book your seat (limited seats) RIGHT HERE.

How to sleep?

Many hotels or you can camp on the beach for free if you bring your own tent, or you can rent an apartment or a house. The place to check for rentals is Skala Eresos (not Eresos which is 3km away).

How to eat?

Many many many restaurants with the best food, and even sandwiches places with the best kebab for 2,50 euros.

The venues and workshops for the festival

Every venue is within walking distance but the Queer Ranch is at least 20-40 minutes (beautiful scenic) walk depending on where you are leaving from. So if you don’t fancy walking you can take a taxi for 5 euros on the Square of the village (this option will still require a 10 minutes scenic walk as taxis cannot get all the way to the ranch). Please note for those that are walking to the ranch it's important to leave with the guided walks to ensure we respect our farmer neighbors by not crossing their lands and following the correct route. 

Here is the map with all the venues and workshops for the festival. You can open it and save it on your phone.
illustration - eressos
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